Today, we have a name, an image and an identity. Together, how to make a difference in the MadTech world.

It’s said that if you have no name you have nothing. If that is true, then our Group, after many years of intense work, now “exists”, not only in corridors, offices and calls with clients.

The name? Different Factory, an independent Group of 7 companies with an overall team of 200 people working together on the digital transformation of companies and institutions.  

Of course, the name comes from Do Different, the first company and originator of the Group after its humble start-up nearly 10 years ago in a tiny office in Milan. Today, the name is synonymous with the difference we make to our clients and how they distinguish themselves in the market, by bringing technology closer to their needs and making it more accessible. An important part of our work, which we decided to encapsulate in black and white in our slogan: Make IT Simple. 

Our experience is in the integration and management of data, IT geography, data analysis and the design of websites, e-commerce, apps and solutions for digital marketing. Different Factory brings together the most strategic aspects of consulting with its most hands-on, technical and creative dynamics, combining managerial skills with our deepest “nerd” instincts, as shown in the braces in our logo: a homage to our beloved programming code. 

In 2021, we invoiced over 18 million euros and in the coming years aim to grow even further through increased integration between the services and products provided by the companies in the Group. Each works independently, sharing the values of “genuine sustainability” with a strong commitment to acting responsibly in business solutions, socially and environmentally. 

We’re Different Factory. After today, we can shout it loud and clear. 

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