Different Forest: the Different Factory initiative in collaboration with Treedom

Introducing Different Forest! What is it all about? Different Forest is a real forest that we at Different Factory have planted with our friends at Treedom

Different Factory Forest ” is a project that engages in the cultivation of trees that generate impactful value for the environment and our community. The goal, in fact, is to create a future that is as sustainable as possible, a habitat where humans and nature can coexist in balance with each other. 

The well-being of the ecosystem and the well-being of the community are two of the values that our philosophy espouses; therefore, the environmental and social commitment we carry out with Treedom is an opportunity for us that makes us proud

Our forest consists of 300 trees of different species. Among them, for example, are the Cacao, Markhamia, and Coffeeplantations, distributed between Africa and South America. 

Different Forest trees will absorb about 60.90 tons of Co2!