CASA MAX: technology and sport on the ski run!

Different Factory is a sponsor of the CASA MAX project launched by Bentobox – Affamati Digitali.

CASA MAX is an Alpine skiing podcast, hosted by Max Blardone and produced by Bentobox. Together with those who have made Italian skiing famous, the project retraces the greatest wins and emotions experienced on the slopes!

The podcast is available on Youtube at the following link, but you can listen to it on Spotify and all free audio platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spreaker and Amazon Music.

CASA MAX guests

For each episode of the podcast – six in all – important skiers sat down with Max. The guests’ stories about alpine sport and their life experiences made the episodes interesting and, at the same time, exciting.

In order of release:

  • Kristian Ghedina and his split in Kitzbuhel at 140 km/h
  • Christof Innerhofer, Super-G world champion in 2011
  • Nadia Fanchini and her son’s first skiing experience
  • Giuliano Razzoli – aka Razzo – in love with his sport and his homeland, Emilia
  • Simone Origone and his passion for risk and adrenaline
  • Giacomo Bertagnolli, visually impaired alpine skier and winner of 8 medals

This podcast is not to be missed!

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